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electrical engineering homework help

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Electrical engineering is the branch of engineering which is concerned primarily with the study of electricity, electrical equipment, electronics, and electromagnetism. A relatively newer branch of engineering dating back to the late 19th century, electrical engineering deals with electrical components, equipment and systems ranging from the smallest microchips to large generators at power stations. An electrical engineer is a person who studies, designs and creates new electrical systems, troubleshoots problems and tests newly developed equipment. The electrical engineer is concerned with the study and application of concepts of physics and mathematics about electricity, electromagnetism and electronics in large as well as small scale systems, in order to process information and transmit energy. Electrical engineers work in a wide range of industries and environments including manufacturing, telecommunications, engineering services, research and development and the government.

The field of electrical engineering is filled with many renowned and pioneering scientists, inventors and researchers such as Thomas A. Edison, Nikola Tesla, Gulielmo Marconi, Philo T. Farnsworth and George Westinghouse among others. These engineers have played crucial roles in shaping the modern world by using theories, ideas and principles of electricity to create practical and significant devices that have become the cornerstones of scientific progress.


A bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering is the minimum educational requirement to enter the profession. The demand for electrical engineers has seen constant growth for a long time making electrical engineering one of the most sought-after career options worldwide. It is highly likely that electrical engineering jobs will continue to increase fueled largely by the rapid pace of technological innovations and revolve around research and development supporting the distribution systems of new technologies. However, job opportunities for electrical engineers in the USA are expanding at a much slower rate than the common average of all occupations. Some of the qualified electrical engineers also work as self-employed consultants


Power Engineering Assignment Help: Power engineering is one of the fundamental fields of electrical engineering and focuses on the production, transmission and distribution of electricity. It is concerned with the design of large-scale systems of power generation. Most power engineers work in large teams in building, maintaining and developing large networks that connect power generators with its users or the power grid. Power engineers also work on the process of power conversion from one form to another and on various power devices. Modern power engineering also deals with renewable energy and eco-friendly power systems.

Energy Systems Assignment Help: Energy systems deal with the processes of production, transformation, transportation and distribution of sources of energy. Energy systems are mostly very complex, and their development and management require knowledge from all scientific and engineering fields. The process of production and distribution of energy becomes extraordinarily complex and difficult due to non-homogeneous distribution of primary sources, the need to transform these primary sources to obtain energy and concerns of safety. The main responsibilities of an energy engineer include: designing, developing and building technologies for renewable energy, combining the production of renewable energy with existing power systems, arranging new supplies and negotiating costs with material suppliers, carrying out energy surveys and site inspections, completing calculations of design and specifications using computer and mathematical models, designing and selecting equipment, conducting experiments and adapting them for large scale use in industrial processes, budgeting and negotiating service agreements, confer and negotiate with other related experts and organizations, ensuring environmental and regulatory compliance, developing relevant expertise in energy systems.

Systems and control engineering involves the analysis, optimization, controlling and designing of complex electrical and electronic systems. with the knowledge of several fields of engineering. Systems and control engineers are required to study the integration and coordination of all component subsystems in complicated devices as well as in areas of aerospace, advanced petrochemical refineries, computer communication systems, high precision medical equipment and robotic assembly lines among others.

Signal Processing Assignment Help: Signal processing engineering involves extracting and processing information embedded in signals the content of which is usually in the form of frequencies. Signal processing engineers apply mathematical calculations, recurrence relation transform theory, time-frequency analysis, spectral estimation and other relevant theories and principles of physics to analyze, modify and synthesize signals such as images, sounds and scientific measurements to improve subjective quality, transmission and storage efficiency as well as to identify and detect crucial components in a measured signal.

Photonics engineering deals with the science of using light to generate electricity and to detect and transmit information. The main responsibilities of a photonics engineer include innovating and developing products for manufacturing, construction, telecommunications and medicine using photonics such as optics, lasers, imaging and fiber optics.

Telecommunications engineering involves the exchange of information across channels through both wired and wireless means and its application brings together every element of electrical engineering. A telecommunications engineer’s work includes and ranges from creating basic circuits to deploying highly complex wireless networks. They also work on designing and overseeing the installation of telecommunications equipment and units such as fiber optic cables, complex electronic switching systems, wired telephone facilities and internet data protocol systems.

Embedded Systems Engineering Help: An embedded system is an electronic device designed for specific and limited purposes that has a central component for performing computations and is implemented as a component of a mechanical or electrical system. An embedded system designer or engineer must be thoroughly familiar with firmware development and proficient in writing, testing, refining, debugging and verifying codes, and configuring complex peripherals

Quantum computing is still in early stages of development and there are many technology companies that have invested in its potential of changing the face and scale of computing. It uses the mechanics of superimposition, entanglement, and interference to produce states of exponential scales. Traditional engineering systems are still used in the system to create quantum computers even though the processing of such computers is extremely advanced.

Control and Instrumentation engineering involves designing, developing, managing and maintaining equipment used to control and monitor other machinery and processes engaged in production. The main tasks and responsibilities of a control and instrumentation engineer include designing and developing new control systems, maintaining, modifying and testing existing systems, analyzing data and writing reports, and managing operations.


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electrical engineering homework help


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Electrical Engineering Assignment Help

electrical engineering homework help


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