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Matlab Assignment Help

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Get professional help for Matlab programming assignments for any academic level: from basic right up to advanced Matlab projects. MATLAB, also referred to as Matrix Laboratory, is a robust computing language developed by MathWorks. It is a visual oriented software that doubles up as a fourth generation programming language. Problems and solutions in MATLAB are represented mathematically. The array, which is the fundamental data element in MATLAB, does not require any dimensioning. Hence, solving matrix and vector formulas are much easier in MATLAB as compared to scalar non-interactive languages like Fortran or C. Matlab also facilitates function and data plotting, algorithm implementation, user interface creation and linking with applications that have been written in other languages like C, C++, Java & Python.

Click here to download the 30 day trial version of Matlab. The latest version of Matlab, as we write this article, is Matlab R2019b.


Matlab has an interesting history. The development of MATLAB started in the late 1970s by Cleve Moler who was the chairman of the University of New Mexico computer science department. His goal, while developing MATLAB was to provide students with access to LINPACK and EISPACK who had no prior knowledge of Fortran. As a result, it soon gained popularity within the students of applied mathematics and started spreading to other universities. During the same time, Moler’s visit to Stanford University exposed MATLAB’s potential to an engineer named Jack Little. Jack understood the impact that this computer language could have commercially and went on to form MathWorks in 1984. He joined Moler and Steve Bangert and rewrote the application in C. The libraries that were rewritten came to be known as JACKPAC. Newer set of libraries that were aimed at manipulating matrices were rewritten in 2000.


The usage of MATLAB spans across a wide variety of fields in engineering, science and economics. It has more than 3 million users that rely on it for solving data and computing challenges every day.

It is used in the following environments:


The first step in beginning to understand any programming language is to get a good grip of its environment. It is extremely important for one to comprehend the mat lab environment in order to efficiently navigate the intricacies and program in this rather user friendly programming language. When Mat lab starts, the desktop appears in its default look and contains a number of folders, namely, the current folder, a panel that allows access to current project files, there is a command window where commands are typed in at the command line, there is a workspace, displaying to the user the variables that he/she created and finally there is a command history which displays the list of commands that were run in the command line. The aforementioned more or less constitutes the Mat lab environment. Mat lab is structured like an extremely complex calculator. The command are entered >> command prompt and the command are executed immediately. The semicolon(;) marks the end of a statement, and the percentage (%) symbol is used for a comment line . Mat lab supports a number of commonly used variables and special characters ranging from those used for basic arithmetic operations to those characters corresponding to more complicated mathematical computations. Also, mat lab supports certain special variables and constants such as ans ( most recent answer), eps (accuracy of floating point precision), inf (infinity) etc. It must also be noted that mat lab is case sensitive. The save command saves the entirety of variables used in the workspace with a .mat extension directly in the current directory.

The MATLAB scripting language is used extensively inside the core application. The Command Window inside the MATLAB application is used to execute text files that consist of codes. Syntax in MATLAB can be broken down into the following concepts, which include:


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Matlab is a high level language for numerical computation, visualization purposes as well as developing applications. Further, it provides an interactive environment for design and problem solving. It comes with an elaborate library of various math functions, making it user friendly. Also, it offers in built graphics, helping the user to visualize data. It is extensively used as a computing tool in multifarious scientific and technical domains such as signal processing, communications, embedded systems, control systems etc. Also, Mat lab offers an array of advantages when compared to other programming languages. It can test and execute algorithms as well as debug them with greater ease in comparison to other, more basic programming languages. It has the capacity to house vast libraries of in built algorithms and create video simulations easily. It is a work machine that can perform complex data analysis as well as symbolic computing.


MATLAB is highly efficient among computing languages, a property it owes to its many revisions over a 50 year period with changes in models and data types to meet the evolving needs. However through all its many evolutions MATLAB preserves its basics in matrix mathematics. The formulation of MATLAB has its origin in a series of dissertations Wilkinson, a British mathematician at National Physical Laboratory (NPL) and 18 of his colleagues while trying to develop mathematical software aiming to suite various needs. In 1970 a team at Argonne National Laboratory developed EISPACK funded by NSF and 5 years later LINPACK was launched to facilitate linear investigation of methods in the software. The first MATLAB, as its developer Cleve Moler claims was a basic interactive matrix calculator without complex functions, toolboxes or graphics. Moler started developing it for the benefit of his students by parsing EISPACK and LINPACK with only 80 functions following Niklaus Wirth’s methodology on algorithm and data structures. It was a simple language and lacked many functions designed to aid easy access and avoid a cumbersome remote batch processing. MATLAB quickly caught the attention of the engineering students in Stanford who realized that MATLAB had different ambitions than a programming language and could be used via memory overlay and signal processing and so forth to meet other needs like simulation and value semantics etc.

Matlab Assignment Help


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Matlab Assignment Help

Matlab Assignment Help


Matlab Digital Signal Processing (DSP) offers engineers and researchers a powerful platform for analyzing and manipulating digital signals. With Matlabs extensive set of built-in functions and toolboxes specifically designed for DSP, users can perform a wide range of tasks, including filtering, spectral analysis, waveform generation, and system modeling. Whether processing audio, video, biomedical, or communication signals, Matlab provides a flexible and intuitive environment for designing and implementing algorithms, visualizing results, and testing performance. From basic filtering operations to advanced signal processing techniques like adaptive filtering and wavelet analysis, Matlab DSP capabilities empower users to tackle complex signal processing challenges efficiently and effectively, making it an indispensable tool in fields such as communications, audio processing, image processing, and control systems.


The Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) in Matlab is a powerful tool for analyzing and processing signals in the frequency domain. By efficiently computing the Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT) of a sequence of data points, Matlabs FFT function allows users to transform time-domain signals into their frequency components quickly. This enables engineers, researchers, and scientists to analyze the frequency content of signals, identify dominant frequencies, and extract useful information. Whether analyzing audio signals, vibration data, or communication signals, Matlabs FFT capabilities provide insights into the spectral characteristics of signals, facilitating tasks such as filtering, modulation, and spectral analysis. With its ease of use and versatility, Matlabs FFT function is a valuable resource for a wide range of signal processing applications.


Matlab Neural Networks provide a robust platform for developing and implementing artificial neural networks (ANNs) and deep learning models. With its extensive set of built-in functions and toolboxes, Matlab enables users to design, train, and deploy neural networks for a variety of tasks, including classification, regression, clustering, and pattern recognition. Users can choose from a wide range of neural network architectures, including feedforward, convolutional, recurrent, and radial basis function networks, and customize them to suit their specific applications. Matlab's Neural Network Toolbox offers intuitive interfaces for data preprocessing, network training, and performance evaluation, making it accessible to both beginners and experts in the field of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Whether tackling image recognition, speech processing, or predictive modeling tasks, Matlab's Neural Networks capabilities provide a powerful framework for building intelligent systems and solving complex problems.


Matlab offers a comprehensive suite of tools and capabilities for wireless communication system design and simulation. With Matlab's Wireless Communication Toolbox, engineers and researchers can model, simulate, and analyze various wireless communication systems, including cellular networks, WLANs, and 5G technologies. Users can design and evaluate algorithms for signal processing, channel modeling, modulation, coding, and MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) techniques. Matlab's extensive library of pre-built functions and examples streamlines the development process, allowing users to prototype and test wireless communication systems quickly and efficiently. Additionally, Matlab provides visualization tools to analyze system performance, optimize parameters, and validate designs, making it a valuable resource for wireless communication engineers and researchers tackling the challenges of modern wireless technologies.


Matlabs image processing capabilities provide engineers, researchers, and developers with a versatile platform for analyzing, enhancing, and manipulating digital images. With its Image Processing Toolbox, Matlab offers a wide range of functions and algorithms for tasks such as image filtering, segmentation, registration, and feature extraction. Whether working with medical images, satellite imagery, or digital photographs, Matlab enables users to preprocess images, remove noise, detect objects, and extract meaningful information efficiently. Additionally, Matlabs interactive development environment facilitates rapid prototyping and experimentation, allowing users to visualize results and iterate on algorithms effectively. With its extensive library of functions and user-friendly interface, Matlab serves as a valuable tool for a wide range of image processing applications, from biomedical imaging to computer vision and beyond.


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