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Mechanical engineering assignment help

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Mechanical engineering is the discipline of engineering that encompasses the study of all objects as well as the physical systems that are in motion. Mechanical engineering has existed for thousands of years and can be traced as far back in history as the invention of the wheel. Mechanical Engineering has played a crucial role in developing tools that are considered vital in human progress. It gained prominence during the industrial revolution with the invention of the steam engine and picked great momentum as the demand for automated plants and manufacturing and railroad transportation increased, thus requiring innovative and sophisticated machinery and advanced engineering solutions. The Institute of Mechanical Engineers was formed in the UK in 1847 as the first known exclusive society for mechanical engineers in the world. The society played an important part in the evolution of mechanical engineering as it is known today.

Mechanical engineering involves the study and practical application of the principles of mathematics, physics, material science and engineering with special emphasis on the principles of energy, force and motion. It includes the study, research, designing, development, production, testing, observation, installation, maintenance, improvement, rectification and every other aspect of mechanical and thermal tools and devices from the smallest safety pins to the largest machines and engines. Developing and creating new tools and technologies for human and scientific development needs is the most important function of mechanical engineering. Given the vastness and versatility of the discipline, mechanical engineering areas include manufacturing, telecommunications, automobile, power and electrical engineering, thermal engineering and computer engineering.


A bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering is the basic educational requirement to become a recognized mechanical engineer. A two-year pre-engineering program to find related jobs may also be chosen by students before enrolling for a bachelor’s degree program. Employers prefer looking for an employee with a bachelor’s degree from an Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) accredited program. The core programs generally have classroom and lab instructions on advanced mathematics, physical and life sciences, system components such as computer programming and power systems, thermodynamics, hydraulics and fluid mechanics. Students need to gain a basic understanding of other related branches of engineering such as electrical engineering, chemical engineering and civil engineering along with a deep knowledge of their chosen specialty. Students also spend time working with computers on Computer Aided Design (CAD) software programs like Solidworks, Catia, AutoCAD etc. Students may choose related courses and programs to enhance their knowledge base and to prepare for multiple sectors of mechanical engineering specializations. Many engineers also opt for additional degrees and education such as the Master’s degree or Doctorate in mechanical engineering, Master of Business Administration or the Doctor of Jurisprudence to enhance their careers and help reach top executive positions within their organizations.


Biomedical Engineering Assignment Help: Biomedical engineering involves the application of the principles and techniques of engineering to biology and healthcare. It has become an integral part of the human healthcare system and can be widely seen right from diagnosis and analysis of a disease or health problem to treatment and recovery process of a patient. It has made its way deep into modern healthcare in the form of indispensable equipment and implantable devices such as the pacemaker and artificial limbs. The biomedical engineering specialization program covers various relevant aspects of mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, electrical engineering, material science, mathematics, computer science and chemistry and integrates them with human biology. The program revolves around quantitative training with emphasis on design and problem solving and the treatment of phenomena from molecular level to systems level. The usual biomedical engineering program consists of a minimum of 48 courses including mathematics, engineering analysis and computer proficiency, basic sciences, design and communication, social sciences, thermodynamics, mechanical engineering, fluids and solids, material science, statistics, probability and quality control, organic chemistry, genetics and molecular biology, systems physiology, biomedical signals and circuits, biomedical systems analysis, transport fundamentals, capstone senior design, computational genomics, biochemical sensors, medical imaging, tissue engineering, bio-regenerative engineering, bioelectronics, biomechanics of movement, and modern optical microscopy and imaging.

Materials Engineering Assignment Help: Materials Engineering deals with the study of creating, testing and analyzing known as well as new materials for application in industrial and manufacturing processes. A specialization in materials engineering can be undertaken at the bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate levels. The focus of these programs is to gain a deep knowledge of material mechanics, mechanical metallurgy and semiconductors. Advanced programs often require thesis and dissertation reports and projects for successful completion. The undergraduate program explores the chemical, mechanical, magnetic, electrical and optical applications and properties of materials such as polymers, ceramics, metals and alloys, composites, and semiconductors. Structures and responses of these materials are studied and evaluated with regard to product performance and manufacturing efficiency. • Students need to undertake a dissertation and the research areas include electronic materials, metals, alloys, ceramics, polymers and composites, micro and nanomaterials, thin films, and surfaces and interfaces.

Nanotechnology Assignment Help: Nanotechnology is an emerging area of applied sciences in which the control of materials of very small dimensions ranging roughly from 1 to 100 nanometers is studied. Nanotechnology engineering involves the manipulation and control of individual atoms and molecules in the process of designing and developing new materials and nano-machines and devices. The core technical courses are divided into three major fields: synthesis, materials and nanofabrication; fundamental properties of devices; and biotechnology. The program constitutes of courses in advanced calculus and complex analysis, materials science, environmental science, elements of nanoscience and nanotechnology, biotechnology, basics of civil, mechanical, electrical and electronics engineering, engineering metallurgy, statistical mechanics and thermodynamics of small systems, nanochemistry, nanoscopy, electronic circuits, introduction to manufacturing engineering, quantum mechanics, synthesis and characterization of nanomaterials, nanophotonics, micro and nanofabrication, nanobiotechnolgy, elements of mechatronics systems, nanoelectronics, nanotechnology and nanotoxicology engineering practice, modeling tools and techniques, industrial nanotechnology, polymer and nanocomposites, carbon nanotechnology, lithography and fabrication techniques, physics of solid state devices, molecular spectroscopy, nanotribolgy, smart sensor systems, nano and micro emulsions, micro and nanofluidics, supra-molecular systems, nanorobotics, nano-magnetism, and nanotechnology in tissue engineering among others.

Automobile Engineering Assignment Help: Automobile or automotive engineering deals with the study of operating principles and design of the mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and electronic components and systems of automobiles. The core courses include design and project management, automotive systems overview, automotive manufacturing systems overview, automotive electronics overview, systems integration methods and applied systems integration. The technical elective courses include vehicle manufacturing and materials, vehicle performance, advanced powertrains and drivelines, and vehicle electronics and electrical systems.

Robotics Assignment Help: Robotics is concerned with the design and development of computer controlled electro-mechanical devices, machines and structures for a variety of purposes and applications. The major areas of robotics application are manufacturing, healthcare, aerospace and construction. The undergraduate program in robotics is of 4 years in which the main courses are engineering mathematics, engineering physics, engineering chemistry, basic mechanics engineering, computer-aided engineering drawing, computer programming, electronic devices and electrical circuits, engineering mathematics, engineering graphics, manufacturing process, power electronics, strength of materials, thermodynamics, theory of control systems, fluid mechanics, theory of machines, theory of microcontrollers, industrial automation and robotics, electronic measurement and instrumentation, hydraulics and pneumatics, embedded systems, machine design, digital image processing and machine vision, artificial intelligence and expert system, elements of mechatronics, virtual instrumentation, engineering measurement, computer-aided manufacturing, design of transmission system, flexible manufacturing and system, micro and nanorobotics, mobile robots, forward kinematics, inverse kinematics, and trajectory control.

Oil and Gas Engineering involves the study, research, design, development and use of machinery and equipment in projects of drilling and extraction of oil from natural reservoirs. An ABET accredited bachelor’s degree program in petroleum engineering is the minimum requirement to become an oil and gas engineer in the country. The 4-year program incorporates courses in engineering mathematics, statics and dynamics, thermodynamics, transport phenomena, solid mechanics, computer programming, physical and petroleum geology, properties of petroleum fluids, drilling engineering, well completions, reservoir engineering, well logging, well testing, reservoir geomechanics, reservoir simulation, engineering capstone design, integrated reservoir modeling, and various electives. It should be noted here that all petroleum engineering curriculum are unique and the courses listed here are only core courses that apply in almost every program.


Mathcad: The Mathcad software enables the mechanical engineer to perform mathematical calculations and add explanatory images and text within the document. Plots that can read from arrays of data and linked to defined equations can be added in the document to make it well designed, illustrated, formatted ad systematic. The main functions of this program include writing and evaluating equations, unit conversion, plotting, linear algebra for solving problems with 3D statistics and systems of linear equations, symbolic equation calculation of the integral of complex equations, and programming for numeric analysis.

AutoCAD: AutoCAD is the most popular designing software for engineers and is used commonly in building 3D models of parts and assembly systems. The software includes a number of powerful tools and features that can be used to create realistic drawings, diagrams, schematics, structures and maps. A number of CAD packages allow the movement simulation of parts of a design to check whether the parts interfere with each other. The drafting component allows for manual 2D drawings of parts so that they can be analyzed for manufacturing. Many CAD programs provide direct integration with a Finite Element Analysis (FEA) program which enables the user to maneuver seamlessly between the designing and analytical parts of a project.

Solidworks: Solidworks is used for 2D and 3D solid modelling, design, analysis & simulation in mechanical engineering. Solidworks is also used in structural analysis like Finite Element Analysis (FEA) by engineers. The software enables the easy analysis of stresses and deflections in devices or projects involving complex structures. The structure is first modeled on Solidworks 3D CAD platform and then ported to the FEA platform. Modern FEA packages are equipped with CAD integration for efficient transition from one program to another. A mesh is created automatically to represent the structure model into elements. The engineer then applies forces and constraints to solve the model. The solved model then enables the engineer to investigate and analyze the stresses and deflections in the structure. Click here for Solidworks Assignment Help.

MS Excel: One of the most widely used and versatile software, the Microsoft Excel enables quick calculations, data tabulation, project layouts creating spreadsheets and drawing shapes for basic programming.

Visual Basic for Applications (VBA): The VBA is a programming language which comes in-built with all Microsoft Office software packages. In engineering, the program is used mainly for the automation of Excel, Word and Access files or other files created in the MS Office Suite. The direct integration of this application with MS Office provides engineers with an easy and useful option to implement small scripts and automation tasks.

MATLAB: MATLAB is one of the most important, popular and essential programming language and environment used in mechanical engineering for performing complex calculations and numerical analysis with vectors and matrices. It enables the engineer to run a simulation and display the results quickly due to its enhanced plotting capability. Complicated tasks such as optimization and control system design can be performed using this program after purchasing additional and relevant libraries as per requirement. Click here for Matlab Assignment Help.

Python: Python is a general purpose programming language, but it has exceptional capability in scientific programming thus providing a considerable alternative to MATLAB. Being an open source tool, the resources and libraries are regularly developed, updated and maintained by the user community. Besides performing complex numerical analysis, Python is also widely used for working with file systems, managing databases and building a website.


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Mechanical engineering assignment help


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Mechanical Engineering Homework Help

Mechanical engineering assignment help


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