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Nursing is focused on caring for ailing individuals or people with long-term disabilities who need constant medical support and supervision. The purpose of the people in nursing profession is to help the patients acquire and sustain a healthy life. To become a registered nurse, one needs to earn necessary academic degrees and skills as prescribed by the government of the nation they choose to practice in. Nursing is typically known as a profession where the practitioners are viewed as care-givers. In certain countries and states, nursing professionals also have the authority to diagnose health issues and prescribe medicines or therapy as required..

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The World Health Organization has declared 2020 as the year for nurses and midwives. According to WHO, nurses and midwives form about 50% of the total workforce globally in the health care sector. The nurses perform multiple functions and are the ones who are responsible for constantly looking after the patients which is not possible for the doctors. Their responsibilities include communicating with the doctors in charge, administering medicines to the patients, keeping an eye on their vital stats, assisting the doctors in the OT, and caring for the patients in general. They are also the ones who first go through the patients’ diagnostic results and inform the doctors as and when required. In the US, the nurses to doctors ratio is 3:1 with more than 3 million registered nurses. It can thus be said that they are the essential backbone of the health care system in the US and across the world.


A nursing course would require a students to learn essential subjects like anatomy, nutrition, microbiology, physiology, and chemistry - these subjects help the students to understand the functioning of the human body, which in turn enables them to understand the medical problems the patients might be suffering from. During their training period, they also develop a specific skill set which include observing and registering vital stats, sterilizing equipment, operating O2 tanks and saline, handling injections and blood samples, suctioning, bathing, using catheters and NG tubes, and administering medication among other things. Apart from these, they also learn to improve their communication and leadership skills which enable them to perform their job efficiently.


Not all nurses are responsible for the same duties. There are different areas which call for specialized clinical skills and the pay scales of the nurses often vary depending upon the same. Some of the areas of clinical expertise which nurses can choose from are:

ANESTHETIST NURSE: Their duties mostly pertain to the operation theatre where they take care of the anesthesia and other medical procedures, basically helping the doctors with the surgeries. A bachelor’s degree is necessary for this position.

LABOR ROOM NURSE: As the name suggests, their duties are in the labor rooms where babies are delivered. They help with the process of normal delivery and look after the mother before and after the delivery takes place. They are also responsible for cleaning up the baby, ensuring they are alive, and caring for them in the following days, registering if they show any complication. An associates’ degree is mandatory for the position.

PEDIATRIC AND NEONATAL NURSE: Pediatric nurses look after children and their general well being, often ensuring they have the proper diets and especially making sure they have their needs taken care of when admitted in a hospital. They would perform all the general duties of the nurses with respect to children. The neonatal nurses are responsible for new born babies who fall sick and need to be kept under special supervision. The former would require an associate’s degree and the latter would need a bachelor’s degree.

AMBULANCE NURSES: They provide critical medical support to patients who are sick and are being transported to a hospital. Their job requires them to travel along with the ambulance. An associate’s degree is compulsory for the post.

Nurses also have the choice to become a nursing teacher where they would be the instructor for future nurses. This job would require the nurse to hold a Master’s degree. Nurses also have the choice to work in mainstream schools where they would be responsible for first aid and immediate medical service to the students and faculty. They would also need to educate the students about the heath care practices. For this position, a bachelor’s degree would be essential. Therefore, for aspirants who wish to take up a course in nursing, various avenues are open. Their lives are dedicated to ensure the well being of the general populace and they provide a great service to their country. During any medical emergency like an epidemic or pandemic, they are the ones who combat from the front line. The health care system in all countries across the globe are supported by the able shoulders of nursing professionals.


To enter the nursing profession, aspirants are required to acquire specific academic qualifications. To be a registered nurse in the United States, one must complete at least one of the following courses:

BACHELOR OF SCIENCE WITH SPECIALIZATION IN NURSING: This course would involve acquiring a graduate degree from a recognized university with a specialization in Nursing (BSN and BN) with special attention to research and leadership.

DIPLOMA COURSE IN NURSING: Here, the aspirant would need to earn a certificate from a hospital-based school meant for the training of nurses, after completion of a three-year graduation course. This course is, however, gradually losing its popularity in the US.

ASSOCIATE OF SCIENCE IN NURSING: There are nursing programs in the US which grant the degrees of AAS, ANS and ADN in nursing. The courses are for two to three years and the students specialize in clinical skills and knowledge.

GENERIC MASTER OF SCIENCE IN NURSING: This degree requires the student to be a graduate and then to earn an MSN/MS degree with specialization in clinical skills along with research and leadership knowledge.

With either of the four degrees, the aspirants can become a registered nurse in the United States and start working in hospitals, clinics, primary health care centers, pharmacies, ambulances or helicopters offering health care aid, homes for the elderly, and in-house health care facilities for patients. However, to become registered, the nurses also have to pass the NCLEX-RN exam and has to fulfill the associated necessities to gain a license.

Some of the best universities in the US offering nursing programs to aspirants are:


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