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Physics is the science which studies the fundamental constituents that make up the universe, that is to say, it examines properties of all physical matter, the effects they have on each other, the non-tangible forces and energies that work on them and guide their function, the principles which explain how the said forces operate, and so on. It studies the behaviour and motion of different matter while they exist or travel through time and space. The properties of matter and energy are placed under lens and their relationship as well as individual existence is examined. The purpose of studying physics is to explain the functioning of the physical world, space, and time and to study all naturally occurring phenomenon in the world. It studies the atom, subdividing it further to study the subatomic realm and properties of subatomic particles, but at the same time it studies galaxies, the whole expanse of the universe, and trifles with the idea of multiverses.

From the study of most ordinary objects like a fulcrum to something as fascinating as a blackhole, all fall under the umbrella of physics. Not only does it state the principles governing tangible physical objects, but also the laws that govern light and sound waves or forces like magnetism and gravity. It is known to provide the ‘knowledge of nature.’ As one of the fundamental fields of science it tries to comprehend how the universe behaves. The knowledge that physics has offered so far has been of great consequence in shaping the world by leading to innovations in commercial productions. From the construction of sophisticated buildings and bridges using raw material to the development in nuclear science, all have been a consequence of advancement of the knowledge of physics.


The focus of Classical Physics is matter and energy, and it studies the concepts of gravitation, laws of motion, thermodynamics, kinetic energy, and so on. All the discoveries and theories that fall in the time frame before the 1900s is generally referred to as classical physics, and this involves all the theories that were once in use but are now obsolete. In the study of classical physics, matter and energy are considered to be different entities, separate from one another. Branches of physics which fall under the category of classical physics are mechanics, optics, acoustics, thermodynamics, and electromagnetics. Theory of Relativity and quantum mechanics are the areas of study which are not encompassed by Classical Physics.


The advancements made in the sphere of Physics after the 1900s fall under the category of Modern Physics, and the two main pillars of modern physics are quantum mechanics and theory of relativity. Einstein’s Theory of relativity identified that time and space are not two distinct entities but are interwoven forming one time-space continuum, and as a consequence, an event observed from one location by an observer might occur at a particular time while the same event observed by another observer from another spatial location might occur at a different time for them. The theory of relativity is at the crux of all modern developments in the study of Physics, especially with respect to astrophysics. Quantum physics is another central theory which helps in the study of matter at atomic and subatomic levels. Quantum theory was evolved from the discovery of quanta or individual units of energy, which was found to exist exclusively from energy waves, a discovery made by Max Plank.


Nuclear physics studies the neutrons and protons which are present within the atom of matter, and explains the properties and relation between these atomic particles that determine how they behave, interact, and co-exist with one another. Nuclear physics must be identified as distinguished from atomic physics which studies the atomic structure as a whole, including the electron. The study of nuclear physics initiated in the late 19th century when Henri Becquerel discovered radioactivity. Nuclear physics has an extensive range of practical applications in the modern world, affecting power generation, medical procedures, imaging, magnetic resonance, agricultural and industrial isotopes, and also playing central role in the production of nuclear weapons. Here, it is necessary to stress on the significance of nuclear physics because by providing the modern civilization with nuclear weapons, it has radically altered how warfare is perceived and conducted, and has provided humankind with unprecedented power for destruction, which can wipe out almost all existing life forms on the planet.


Geophysics limits its attention to the study of planet Earth, exploring the composition, shape, size, structure of the planet. It also studies the major forces and events which determine the natural phenomenon on the planet, such as gravity, magnetic fields, magma, earthquakes, tectonic shifts, and so on. Physical properties and processes related to Earth and the space surrounding the planet is the concern of geophysics.


An interdisciplinary science, biophysics adopts the scientific procedures traditionally used in physics and applies them to examine biological phenomenon. Therefore, different physical processes that take place within the body of living organisms, such as the creation of molecules, the properties and functions of cells, and the components within the cells are all studied under the lens of biophysics. In fact, the functioning of different systems within the body such as the nervous system, circulatory system, and immune system are understood with the help of biophysics. Discovery of the structure of DNA and all related researches that have been carried on thereafter have been possible because of biophysics.


Mechanics is the branch of physics that is related to the motion of bodies under the effect of various forces. The study not only focus on external forces acting upon the bodies but also the forces that the bodies exert on one another, which covers such forces as gravitational pull, magnetism, electricity, and so on. The forces have their own properties which determine how they affect the bodies they are acting upon, and knowing the properties of the forces help in examining the motions of the bodies on which force is being exerted. Mechanics or mechanical physics can be subdivided into classical and quantum mechanics, where the former inquires into the laws of motion and forces capable of causing motion, while the latter focuses on the motion and behaviour of subatomic particles such as protons, electrons, and neutrons.


Acoustics in the branch of physics that inspects the production, transmission, effects, reception, and control of sound, its primary concern being the properties and behaviour of sound waves. Use of acoustics is made in several modern technologies such as atmospheric, geological, or underwater phenomenon. Echolocation is one such technology that makes use of acoustics. Psychoacoustics explore the effects of sound on physical environment, and this has led to the development of such technology as ultrasonic which has aided medical studies. In addition to this, the knowledge of acoustics play the elemental role in the development of musical instruments and in study of music in general.


Optics study electromagnetic radiation which includes light and infrared radiations. It concentrates on the production and propagation of light, the effect it has on its environment and the changes it undergoes itself during the process of transmission. Two main subdivisions of optics are physical optics and geometrical optics. The former limits itself to the study of the properties and nature of light itself. The latter, however, has a broader scope and scrutinizes the properties of mirrors, lenses, and other objects that aid in image formation when they are exposed to light. Improvements in the study of optics has had great impact on medical science, in the development of scientific equipment like telescope and periscope, and also in the production and evolution of cameras.


Thermodynamics is concerned with thermal energy, studying the way heat and temperature bears connection to energy and work. There are four major laws of thermodynamics which govern the way heat and temperature functions. Conductivity, heat transfer, entropy are some of the basic concepts of thermodynamics. The practical application of thermodynamics is found in power plants, jet engines, automobiles, air conditioners, and several other industries and appliances.


Astrophysics is perhaps the most advanced branch of physics, which uses the laws of physics to explain concepts related to celestial bodies, such as the birth and death of stars, formation of planets and galaxies, existence of nebulae, and so on. It defines the physical properties of celestial bodies and explains their behaviour. Astrophysics is the field of study that has so far enabled humankind to explore the universe, including the journey to the moon and back. Notably, astronomy was one of the earliest interests of philosophers and astrophysics was one of the earliest branches of physics to develop. Thereby, it can be concluded that physics is a tremendously vast field of study and it is one of the fundamental sciences that observes and explains how the universe functions; from the subatomic level to the abstract theories of multiverses are all explained through physics. It has played a foundational role behind all human innovations so far as technology and industries are concerned.


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