Programming Assignment Help for C++, Python, Java, Javascript


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Programming Assignment Help for C++, Python, Java, Javascript

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Programming is the process involved in designing and initiating a digitally coded program to generate a specific, desired result. In more simple words, programming can be defined as an array of directives in a syntactical format, for the computing device to process and execute. It is through a programming language that a programmer sets up a task or tasks that can be first understood and then performed or automated by the device.

Programming can involve high security and can be as complicated as designing a sharing scheme, a whole operating system to a website designed to perform various tasks with a host of different catalogues to something simple as taking inputs to perform simple addition. The touchstone for programming is checking for quality requirements like reliability and usability through testing, assuring readability for maintenance of the source code, debugging and automating.

The algorithms generated in programming is analyzed and checked for accuracy via the above-mentioned processes. The computer programs are written in a language that the computer or the device that is going to run the same, can understand and execute, with a dedicated set of instruction and keys, thus the need for developing and improving the programming language to better communicate with the computer/device to build updated software.



Charles Babbage is a pretty famous name, the first name that comes to mind when we talk about the history of computers, whose difference engine launched in 1822 started a revolution in the emergence of an unprecedented discipline and institutions that changed the face of the world as we know it.

The first known computer program, however, is credited to mathematician Ada Lovelace, in her book published in 1843, which uses algorithms to compute a Benoulli number sequence, thus testing Babbage’s engine. But programming devices have existed prior to this, to take the instance of Banu Musa’s Book on Ingenious Devices in the early 9th century or Al Jazari’s automata unit in drum machine that can be programmed to tailor a combination of rhythms in 1206. However, Lovelace is known as history’s first programmer owing to the fact that Babbage’s Analytical Machine, which her arrays run, led to the development a specific digital operative style that we use today.

In 1880s was the first attempt to store data in a machine-readable format, by Herman Holerith, which would by the middle and late 1940s convert from a punched to an electronic format thereby allowing for the development of a ‘computer memory’ vis a vis, a mention of Alan Turing. Often hailed as the father of AI becomes necessary for his machine, which is the Automatic Computing Engine that ran with a set of encrypted codes that could be read by the machine he designed. This kind of a language -reader relation, the kernel, is exactly how programming languages are encrypted and thus are predetermined and the machine decrypts and runs the function stated.

In 1942 ENIAC was launched on such preset designs, much in the pattern of Turing’s machine, however, 3 years later Neumann developed shared-program technique and conditional control technique, both of which revised the path for emergence of solid computational or programming languages. That is instead of different coded entries to suit different machines/ purposes the language was standardized with a set of functions that can be used to create small block codes, the functional unit of programming. 1957 and 1959 saw the launches of FORTRAN and COBOL that ran in simple Boolean logic.

In 1958, LISP was launched that used its unique syntax and was more inclined on developing crypted performances and AI. In the same year Algol was created which gave rise to the later much versed languages like C, C++, Pascal, Java, etc. PASCAL was designed by Nikluas Wirth with a usable logic of combining the best-known algorithm sets to design a simple array or matrix which was less low-level, more high-level and user friendly.

PASCAL is credited with adding an improved ‘pointer’ type and a CASE statement, which allow easy maneuvering. Dennis Ritchie, in 1972 developed C, which works extensively on pointers to execute fast execution with multitasking and forking, with low-level, dynamic variables. C++ developed in 1983 revised the low-level outfit of C and is the game developer’s darling for its ability to parse and branch out to multitask without freezing. A revolution that started with PASCAL and then Ritchie’s work in interactive and simple computing came to a rounded realization with Java in the 1990s with an Assembly language Java. Eventually competitions between Microsoft’s VB and Java and several others struck high in a bid to more market control.


While designing a website, programmers categorize their work broadly under Front-end and Back-end. While the former decides how a website looks, appears, the latter decides how it actually works. That is Front-end developers create the style, theme, images, presentation and the back-end developer would create the database, user profiles, security, updates and checking for bugs, so on and so forth. Front-end developers work with HTML, Javascript and CSS to built experience with using command-line tools and ergonomic UIs. Back-end developers on the other hand work with programming languages like PHP, Python, Ruby and Node.js, and Java to ease the server-side of the website or application.


There is a great deal of misunderstanding when it comes differentiating coding and programming. Often the two terms are used interchangeably. However, programming can be looked at as a much broader discipline than coding. Coding is a narrower discipline with many code line that enable creating of various software programs. Coding is a very important part of programming. But, programming involves much more than coding. It involves implementation and analysis of algorithms and data structures and tasks involving complex problem solving among many others. In a sense, it could be argued that all those who do programming are in one sense coders, but not necessarily the other way round. It is comparatively easier to code than to do programming.

Programming comes with the responsibility of the whole software whereas coding deals with specific parts of given software. Coding is mostly syntax based and mechanical, whereas programming demands a strong understanding of different algorithms and data structures as well as a fecund imagination. Programming involves high level proactive thinking and coding is a means of expression for the programmer.


The very basic and innocuous activities of our daily life like taking a hot shower (water heater), taking a drive (automotives), riding an elevator (mini computers), making salads (computerized greenhouses), vacuuming, doing laundry (Washing machines) and even making our own to do lists involve some or the other form of programming at some or the other point of the development of the tools and machines aiding these activities. Programming has become an integral part of modern life.

In the present generation, almost all major industries rely extensively on programming. The wide range of programming languages find heavy applications across industries. The languages C and C++ are employed widely in automotive and motor vehicle industries across the globe. The incredibly popular JavaScript, which facilitates easy identification of potential shortcomings and vulnerabilities, is used in the cyber security industry.

The programming language Java, due to its impressive compatibility with major browsers in used in building e commerce websites. What makes java a favorite among e commerce websites is the ease it offers in the process of debugging, which is an infinitely desirable trait in any retail site.

The programming language python is extensively used in financial and banking industry as well as healthcare industry where telemedicines and health related applications are increasingly gaining market. SQL’s extraordinary proficiency with data management and data analysis makes it a favorite in the cloud computing industry as well as the marketing industry.

Another programming language that finds extensive usage in science, research and computational industries is matlab, which facilitates performing heavy and complex computational operations with surprising ease. Visit matlab assignment help for more information.


A computer programmer writes codes for various software applications. He converts the software program into a language comprehensible by the computer. A computer programmer’s major responsibilities involve testing, developing and implementing various programs on different platforms.

The programmer will have to undertake activities required to define, design, test , construct as well as implement various automated systems. Programmers will have to perform frequent reviews of programs and make the required adjustments upon them to make sure that they work promptly. Other responsibilities include creating and publishing various technical diagrams, conducting tests, developing information systems that are web based and grafting novel functionalities into preexisting applications.

In the field of programming, a bachelor’s degree in computer technology, math or IS is generally preferred and internships add to the job possibilities as experience is usually preferred by all major companies. Apart from various technical skills, employers in this field also expect a number of soft skills such as problem solving ability, critical thinking, listening skills etc. The programming industry usually expects its employees to be able to work independently, be proficient in modern algebra and data analysis and to have strong multitasking abilities. The median salaries for programmers are quite handsome and there are also ample opportunities for freelancing, if one has the right skill set.


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Programming Assignment Help for C++, Python, Java, Javascript


The pace at which technology is advancing in our era suggests that programming languages will continue their evolution, although any future predictions would only be mere speculations. However, with technology becoming more and more complex and the access to information widening, the programming languages face the challenge of regular updating and upgrading and also protection from various security threats. With the immense potential and scope of must faster and fairly error free languages like R and Python, it would only be reasonable to assume that algorithms facilitating machine learning will proliferate the industry and will subsequently minimize requirements of programming.


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Programming Assignment Help for C++, Python, Java, Javascript

Programming Assignment Help for C++, Python, Java, Javascript


Machine Learning (ML) is a specific approach within the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) which involves developing algorithms and models that enable computers to learn from and make predictions or decisions based on data, without being explicitly programmed to do so. ML algorithms use data to identify patterns and relationships, and they improve over time as they are exposed to more data.

For example, it can suggest movies you might like to watch or help doctors diagnose diseases earlier. There are different tools that help people use Machine Learning, like TensorFlow and PyTorch. These tools make it easier for people to teach computers to learn from data and solve problems.


Machine Learning works by teaching computers to recognize patterns and make decisions based on data. Here is a simple explanation that shows the steps involved in Machine Learning:

Data Collection: First, we gather lots of data about whatever we are trying to teach the computer. This could be anything from pictures of cats to information about how people drive cars.

Training: Next, we use this data to train the computer. We show it examples and tell it what we want it to learn. For example, we might show it lots of pictures of cats and tell it, "These are cats."

Learning: The computer uses algorithms to analyze the data and look for patterns. It learns from the examples we give it and starts to understand what cats look like.

Prediction: Once the computer has learned from the training data, we can give it new data that it has not seen before, like a picture of a new cat. The computer uses what its learned to make predictions or decisions, like saying, "Yes, this is a cat."

Feedback and Improvement: As the computer makes predictions, we can give it feedback to help it improve. If it makes a mistake, we can correct it, and the computer can learn from that feedback to get better over time.

Once a machine learning model is trained on a dataset and has learned to make accurate predictions, it can be integrated into broader AI systems to perform specific tasks such as NLP (Natural Language Processing) and others.


Artificial Intelligence (AI): AI is a broad field of computer science that aims to create systems or machines that can perform tasks that typically require human intelligence. This includes things like reasoning, problem-solving, understanding natural language and recognizing patterns.


MATLAB, short for "Matrix Laboratory," is a high-level programming language and interactive environment developed by MathWorks. It is widely used in engineering, science, and mathematics for numerical computing, data analysis, visualization and algorithm development. MATLABs strength lies in its extensive library of built-in functions and toolboxes, which provide powerful tools for solving a diverse range of technical problems.

Its syntax is designed to be intuitive and expressive, making it easy for users to perform complex calculations and manipulate arrays, matrices, and other mathematical objects efficiently. MATLABs interactive environment allows for rapid prototyping and experimentation, with features such as live scripting, debugging tools and interactive apps. Additionally, MATLAB supports integration with other programming languages and software tools, further enhancing its versatility and usefulness in various fields of research and industry.


Java is a versatile programming language commonly used for developing enterprise-level applications, web servers, desktop applications, and mobile apps, particularly on the Android platform. Its syntax is statically typed, meaning variables must be declared with their data types, and it follows a rigid structure with classes and objects being central to its design.

Java applications run on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), providing platform independence, allowing Java code to run on any device or operating system that supports the JVM. Java also offers built-in support for multithreading and concurrency, making it suitable for developing concurrent programs with ease.

JavaScript, on the other hand, is primarily used for creating dynamic and interactive web content, such as web browsers, web-based games, and interactive websites. It is a dynamically typed language, allowing variables to be declared without specifying their data types, and it features a flexible syntax and structure, with functions playing a central role.

JavaScript code is executed by web browsers on the client-side, and its an essential part of web development. Although JavaScript has limited support for concurrency due to its single-threaded nature, it can leverage asynchronous programming techniques, such as callbacks, promises, and async/await, to handle concurrent operations effectively. Overall, JavaScripts versatility and ubiquity in web development make it a valuable tool for creating interactive user experiences on the web.


VLSI (Very Large Scale Integration) is a field of electronics engineering that focuses on packing millions of transistors onto a single silicon chip. This technology has revolutionized the way electronic devices are designed and manufactured, enabling the creation of complex and powerful integrated circuits with a small physical footprint.

VLSI plays a crucial role in various industries, including consumer electronics, telecommunications, automotive, and healthcare. It involves several stages, including design, fabrication, testing, and packaging, each requiring specialized knowledge and expertise. VLSI technology has led to significant advancements in semiconductor manufacturing, allowing for the development of faster, smaller, and more energy-efficient electronic devices that have become indispensable in modern society.


Assembly language programming involves writing low-level instructions that directly correspond to machine code, the binary language that computers understand. Unlike high-level programming languages, assembly language provides a direct interface to the hardware, allowing programmers to control the computers operations at a detailed level.

Each assembly language instruction corresponds to a specific operation performed by the computers central processing unit (CPU), such as arithmetic calculations, memory manipulation, or input/output operations.

While assembly language programming requires a deep understanding of the computer architecture and hardware, it offers unparalleled control and efficiency, making it well-suited for tasks where performance and optimization are critical, such as device drivers, embedded systems, and real-time applications.

However, assembly language programming can be complex and time-consuming due to its close association with the underlying hardware, and it often requires meticulous attention to detail to ensure correct and efficient operation.


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