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The term psychology has its origin in two Greek words which are ‘psyche’ meaning the spirit or self, and ‘logia’ meaning knowledge of. Psychology, therefore, originated as the study of the self or spirit. It is the science that attempts to study, understand, and describe the ways human beings and animals think, feel, and behave in different contexts. Research in psychology is essentially empirical or evidence based, where subjects’ thoughts, feelings, and behaviours are interrogated and examined through experiments, observations, interviews, surveys, and other methods. Although this science has a qualitative aspect associated with it, researches in psychology can be largely based on quantitative data, method, and statistics. Psychology is rooted in other sciences, namely, biological, neurological, social, and cognitive sciences and it also takes into consideration cultural factors in its attempt to understand thought process, feelings, and actions in human beings and animals. There are several sub-disciplines under psychology including clinical psychology, child psychology, social psychology, forensic psychology, applied psychology, experimental psychology, so on and so forth. Psychology has diverse applications and has emerged as one of the most significant areas of study since the 20th century. As one of the newer branches of science, it has shown great potential in understanding how human minds function.

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Child Psychology studies the conscious and subconscious psychological development within children, and its primary interest for study is how the children interact with their parents, their surroundings, and with themselves. This provides child psychologists with an insight into the psychological condition of the child, and if there is any abnormality during the growing period, it can be noticed. This knowledge about normal or abnormal patterns in children’s psychology empowers parents to communicate and bond accordingly with their children, to teach their children various healthy coping mechanisms to deal with their emotions, and to help the children undergo healthy psychological development during each stage. Issues ranging from hyperactivity to anxiety to autism and others can be detected by child psychologists who can help with the conditions. Child Psychologists are also able to help children deal with trauma.


Social Psychology studies how a person’s thoughts, beliefs, feelings, intentions, and goals are moulded within a social context, depending upon the real or imagined social interactions they share with others. There is a focus on social factors which attempt to find out how these factors impact actions and behaviours of individuals, and under what social context do these actions become evident. Social Psychology particularly conducts research on discriminations or prejudices existent in the society, interactions within groups, prevalence of stereotypes, impact of social influence, and so on. Social psychology has helped to better understand why people are more willing to conform to social groups or how they undertake decisions in social context.


Developmental psychology studies how people mature over the course of years from birth until old age. Here the study of psychology also expands to include physical growth; development psychology thus concerns itself with biological development of the body along with cognitive development, emotional maturity, and so on. Child psychology can be considered as a subdivision of developmental psychology, and theories of developmental psychology have been helpful in treating children who exhibit delayed growth patterns. Generally in the past, developmental psychologists have paid critical attention to child psychology, as in case of Jean Piaget who proposed that children learn best from experiences, therefore they should be allowed to explore and discover things for themselves, the knowledge of which is then stored in their minds and build upon gradually. A consequence of this suggestion is the increase in interactive teaching methods in classrooms.


Criminal Psychology is a rather interesting branch of psychology that is focused on studying the actions, intentions, thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and reactions of criminals, which can be broadly classified as all the factors that result in criminal behaviour. Criminal psychology fall under the study of criminal anthropology; it attempts to find what makes a person commit criminal behaviour, but also studies how criminals react after committing the crime, during the course of trial, and in the court of law. Criminal psychology is of particular relevance when authorities try to track down criminals who show patterns in their crime, such as serial killers. Presence of criminal psychologists are required in court of law to help juries understand the mind of a person under trial.


Applied psychology incorporates the principles of psychology to solve real life problems which might be affecting individuals, relationships between individuals, or might be relevant in workplaces, sports, healthcare, law enforcement, product design, and so on. Applied psychology must be understood in contrast to experimental psychology where research is conducted for the sake of gaining more knowledge in the field. Applied psychology involves application of that knowledge to design solutions of practical problems. Practitioners of applied psychology would be required to use principles of psychology to identify needs of their clients and to offer them solutions accordingly.


Experimental Psychology studies basic psychological processes which include thoughts, feelings, attention, behaviour, memory, perception, reasoning, and so on. Most fields of psychology can be said to overlay with experimental psychology because this branch is about conducting research to gain more insight and to develop on the existing knowledge of psychology. Most fields of psychology either depend of research or contribute to it, however, what makes experimental psychology stand out is that its basic purpose is to conduct and publish research on human and animal psychology, application of that said knowledge does not fall under the purview of this branch.


Cognitive Psychology is concerned with the way we think, and it takes a systematic approach to understand the thinking process; in the cognitive approach, the human mind is assumed to process information the same way computers process information. Cognitive Psychologists attempt to build different cognitive models to study this processing of information that occurs in the human brain, and some of the key elements of cognition are identified as consciousness, memory, thinking, perception, attention, and language. Cognitive approach to psychology rose as a reaction to the dissatisfaction with behaviourist approach which focuses on external behaviour without considering the internal process that affects behaviour. Cognitive psychology pays detailed attention to this mediation processes which occur between stimulus and response. Objective, controlled, and scientific methods are used for investigating behaviour and inferences derived from such experiments are used to formulate theories about the processing of stimulus in the human mind.


Forensic Psychology is an interdisciplinary branch of study that falls between law and psychology. Researches and evaluations conducted in this field inform and guide the way legal procedures are carried on. For instance, forensic psychology can be used to determine whether a specific witness is credible enough to appear in front of the court, or it could be used to train first responders and police officers so that they know the appropriate ways to deal with a crime scene and handle a criminal during first encounter or during the course of trial. Forensic psychologists are hired by legal systems to work as a part of the system and aid in its proceedings, but sometimes they are also hired for the purpose of threat detection, that is, to study whether a person has chances of becoming a threat in future.


Neuropsychology is concerned with the physiological processes that take place within the brain (neurons to be precise) that go on to have an impact on psychology and behaviour of the subjects. Here, study is focused on structure of the brain and processes that occur within it, for instance, neuropsychological study would help to gauge if a person is likely to exhibit certain altered behaviour patterns following a brain stroke or growth of a tumour. In addition, specific psychological diseases that develop during old age like Alzheimer’s, which affect long term memory, can be traced back to the structure of the brain, since it is known to be a consequence of shrinking nerve cells within the brain. Neuropsychology not only detects problems and their links but also suggests possible cures which can be administered by therapists to bring about improvement in cognitive behaviour.


Clinical Psychology is the field where practitioners directly interact with patients and provide them with remedies to improve their condition. Clinical psychologists detect the problems of their patients through interviews, interactions, observations, and tests and once they have a diagnosis, they work on a plan to help their patients with the mental health issues. Psychoanalysis and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy are two popular methods used by clinical psychologists to help patients with mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, anger issues, schizophrenia, bipolar disorders, and several others.


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Psychology Assignment Help

Psychology Assignment Help


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