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Solidworks is a solid modeling CAD/CAE computer software that mainly runs on Microsoft windows. It allows the user to design products in three dimensions. The method employed is to sketch a profile in two dimensions and then use techniques like extruding and lofting to create the solid shape. Although users can run solidworks on Macintosh operating systems, it is, however not supported by the software. According to their official website, more than two million industry professionals belonging to over 165000 companies are users of solidworks as of the year 2013. Solidworks is owned by dassault systems and its initial release was in the year 1995.


The Solidworks foundation was established by John Hirschtick in 1993. Hirschtick was a graduate from MIT and invested one million and recruited a team of software engineers with the aim of building a user friendly, easy to use, affordable 3D CAD software. In November 1995, Solidworks launched its first product, SolidWorks 95. In 1997, Solidworks was purchased by Dassault , for 310 million dollars in stock and John Hirschtick continued on board for the coming fourteen years in different roles. Presently, Solidworks markets numerous versions of the Solidworks CAD software. Since January 2015, Gian Paolo Bassi is the CEO of Solidworks.


SOLIDWORKS CAD ASSIGNMENT HELP: CAD, computer aided design is the employment of computer technology for various design purposes and operations. CAD substantially increases productivity and enhances the design quality by substituting manual with automated drafting processes. CAD is extensively used in architecture and structural engineering fields. It provides solid assistance to designers in visualizing, conceptualizing and exploring various design possibilities by providing them with realistic simulations of the designs in the real world. One of the first ans the most widely used CAD program is AutoCAD.


SOLIDWORKS SKETCHING ASSIGNMENT HELP: To begin with sketching, the first part of any design, the user needs to select the sketch tab in the Command Manager and then click on the sketch icon. There is also a provision in solidworks to search for commands. This is followed by selecting an appropriate plane. On the left hand side of the command manager, there is a line command using which beginners can straight away start sketching. Then, using the sketch relations and dimensions, the sketch should be accurately defined. The dimensions can be added using smart dimension. Then the user can start creating his/her first feature.


SOLIDWORKS MODELLING & ASSEMBLY ASSIGNMENT HELP: The first step is to press ‘New’ on the Solidworks toolbar and in the succeeding window, the user has to select ‘parts’ and confirm it with ‘ok’. Now the user can follow these steps and sketch out the parts. Features like extrusion, shelling out and fillets must be then accordingly used to achieve the desired dimensions. If the dimensions were appropriate in the preceding steps, the parts should fit together just right during the assembly. There are a number of assembly types (mate types) such as concentric and coincident among many others.


SOLIDWORKS SURFACE MODELLING ASSIGNMENT HELP: The basic surfaces in Solidworks are boundary and loft. A boundary completely encloses a given shape using curves and can move around as long as the corners coincide. A lofted surface on the other hand, uses numerous parallel sketches to make a shape. Once the surface is in place, the user can model and mould it according to the requirements after selecting the deform option. There are various commands to help the user do the same. One of the most useful of these is the curve to curve option. There are also options within curve to curve option which the user can employ according to his/her needs. It is also possible to fix the edges of surfaces to keep the fixed and stable in course of deform.


SOLIDWORKS DRAFTING ASSIGNMENT HELP: In Solidworks, draft is one of the feature tools. It is a taper that is applied to particular faces in specific angle using either a parting line or a neutral plane. The feature is found both in command manager of the features as well as in the insert menu bar. There are numerous types of drafting that are possible using the tool in Solidworks, namely, step draft, neutral plane draft and parting line draft. The user must determine the edges and axes in order to achieve the desired pull direction and draft angle.


Although sketches are very important for a good Solidworks model, the features that help in refining and enhancing the 3 dimensional aspects are fundamental. In this section, certain key features are briefly discussed. Extrude Boss Feature is one of the most basic features. It helps to thrust out a sketch along a straight line path for the purpose of adding material. Fillet Features are applied features that help in rounding off the edges and corners of the sketch by manipulating material. The Shell Feature allows the user to hollow out the selected part and also regulate the wall thickness. The Revolve Boss Feature helps in creating loops. It is ideally used after the shell feature. The feature works by revolving a sketch around a particular axis as it adds material. Another important feature is the Extruded Cut Feature, which helps the user make a circular cut that will extend through the entire model.


Solidworks can extract and report vast amounts of data from the user’s study to a word document. There is a report tool in the command manager. The user can also specify for inclusion of images in the report, the orientation of those images as well as their location in the report. The report can contain numerous pages of data and also include mesh properties and stress plots among many other statistical data. The first page of a report usually contains the image of the model and cross referenced table of contents


When it comes to the design industry, Solidworks is undoubtedly an industry favorite. It is extremely popular among industry professionals and has a user base as large as AutoCAD thanks to its smart innovations, user friendly interface and a solid function set.

Solidworks enjoys a wide range of applications. In the fashion and sports industry, companies dealing in sports shoes to the manufacturers of handbags and wallets all employ Solidworks in their respective processes of product development as well as manufacturing. In the automobile industry, solid works is used both in manufacturing of spare parts as well as vehicular design. Sometimes, Solidworks carries out the entire design process, top to bottom in collaboration with certain other complimentary tools.

Solid works is also used extensively in space exploration industries. This is one industry where the testing processes are extremely expensive. This is where Solidworks steps in with its impressive toolset developed by its engineering team and provides affordable, accurate and customized simulations of the required work environments. Apart from the aforementioned, Solidworks is also a favorite among the entertainment and design industry. It has been used in designing various theme parks and film sets. It is also extensively used in architecture and sculpting.

Solidworks is one of the most versatile 3D CAD software presently in the market. The major advantages of Solidworks include its user friendliness. It offers great simplicity to the learner in both learning as well as creating 3D models. It is very dynamic and design changes can be brought about with ease at any stage of the work. It gives extremely realistic views about the product being designed, thus helping the customer understand the product better. Another distinguishing feature is the ease it offers in data importation, translation and storage.


The Solidworks website offers special packages for students and also organizes design competitions for students and scholarships for winners. Companies and design industries across the world prefer proficiency in Solidworks, mainly due to the software’s versatility. It is easy to learn and master and an excellent way to jumpstart one’s design career. An advantage that it offers to the students is that by using Solidworks, its user friendliness allows students and beginners to be more focused on the deign aspect than the technicalities and complexities of the software itself. Solidworks has a number of collaborations with schools and also runs an academic certification program, the details of which are to be found in their website. Solidworks enhances the possibility of employment for designers in fields as varied as fashion technology, automobile industry and entertainment industry. Proficiency in Solidworks has become a norm in design jobs across industries. A thorough knowledge and expertise in Solidworks can put a candidate ahead of his/her peers in the job market.

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